Saturday, July 1, 2017

Memories made, now on to new adventures!

13! Thirteen years as a K-12 student in Aledo ISD and thirteen years working as an educator in the district in which I grew up. To some, thirteen is an unlucky number, to others it is THE lucky number, but to me it will always hold a special value in my heart associated directly with Aledo ISD and the greater community. It represents the number of years that Aledo educators and community members poured their time and energy to invest in me as a child and then again as an educator. Thirteen years that I was able to return on that investment giving back to the Aledo community as an educator in the district.

In all my years in Aledo ISD, the district has lived up to its motto, “A past to remember, a future to mold.” I have made memories that are irreplaceable and worked alongside and for many incredible educators who have molded me for a future of growth opportunities and lifelong learning. I am a better educator and person because of the leadership, work ethics, and influence of each district employee I have been fortunate enough to work with in Aledo ISD. Thank you for the opportunities and memories! You have prepared me well for future work endeavors and for life!

While it was a tough decision to make, I have been blessed with an opportunity to work at the Education Service Center in Fort Worth as an Instructional Content Coach. I am beyond excited to begin the next chapter of my journey! Ready to further learn, grow, and expand my work community serving multiple districts and teachers in the Region XI area. I am brave; I will take risks; and I am ready for this new experience!

Now on to new adventures!


  1. April,
    Thanks for sharing your story and decision. I appreciate all the help you've given me this year. You will be missed! Good luck at region 11! Hopefully our paths will cross there too!

    1. Yes, Kelly I hope our paths continue to cross! You are an amazing teacher and advocate for education! Keep sharing your learning and reflections; you're an inspiration!