Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Oh Chrome-eo, Chrome-eo! Wherefore art thou Chrome-eo?

Are you as smitten for Google Chrome as I am? Do you cringe when you see that blue e? If you aren't using Chrome for all of your internet needs, then you are missing out! Once you've signed in to Google Chrome and established your preferences, your internet experience will be like no other.

5 Reasons Why I Love Google Chrome:
  1. ALL of my frequently most used website favorites are just a click away! I can edit my favorites on my toolbar down to the website icons, a.k.a. Favicons, so that I have room for more favorites. 
  2. Each morning when I open Chrome, I can pick up right where I left off the day before because I've customized my Chrome startup. 
  3. When I accidentally close a tab, I can press Control, Shift, and the letter T and the webpage will reopen. 
  4. I can add a variety of Chrome extensions to make my life more exciting (like the Move It extension) or to make me look smarter (like the Grammarly extension). 
  5. My Chrome customizations will carry over to any computer! So as I travel from campus to campus or in and out of different training rooms, I simply login to my Chrome account on any computer and voila! all of my favorites and extensions will appear. 
Below is my brief Chrome presentation that I use during Chrome trainings with staff in my district. 

Are you sold on Google Chrome yet? Do you need to get some Chromercise?!

Have you moved from smitten to Chrome Addict like Kasey Bell from Shake Up Learning? View her presentation to learn even MORE great tips to make you fall in love with Chrome. 

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