Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I'm so excited! And I just can't hide it!

Ser-i-ous-ly, I AM SO EXCITED and I just can't hide it! If this tool is new to you, I think you'll be singing along with me and will be just as excited. Do you use Google Slides or even PowerPoint to create your presentations? Do you get tired of the same ol' same design themes? Or perhaps you're like me and spend hours upon hours trying to design your own theme. Well, this nifty little site/tool that I just can't wait to share with you is going to give you time back AND make your presentations look like a professional created it!
As an instructional technologist, I am constantly creating presentations to share with staff, parents, and students. Since my district is a newly established Google Apps for Education district, I have really tried to model the use of Google Slides. I love the ease of use to create a presentation and the fact that I can jump on any device to pull up my presentation to share with others. What I am not in love with are the presentation design templates; however, I've recently discovered Slides Carnival thanks to Matt over at Ditch That Textbook.

The best part about Slides Carnival is that the tool was developed specifically for Google Slides making it extremely easy to use with your Google account. Truly! I know there are LOTS of other presentation tools out there to create some amazing presentations, but this is the first that I have come across that seamlessly integrates with my GAFE account.
In a matter of minutes I can
1) click on a template,
2) click the "use this presentation" button which opens the template in your Google Drive,

3) go to "File" and "Make a copy" of the presentation (this is a vital step in order to edit)

4) begin editing the information on the template to make it your own.

Ta-da! You'll have a professionally designed and well-organized presentation that will make you look official.

BONUS: Just think, if your students use Slides Carnival, they'll have a guide to help them stay organized when creating presentations to share with the class, making it much easier for you to create a rubric to evaluate their work!

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