Friday, December 5, 2014

Tech the Halls #5: Let's Chat!

Previously, I mentioned my new addiction to Twitter and the benefits of using it for professional development of my choosing and on my schedule. Well, one of my favorite applications of Twitter is a Twitter Chat! Did you know that educators around the world will get on Twitter at the same time to converse about specific topics? Twitter Chats, also known as Tweet Chats, can be an incredible way to connect with other like-minded educators to discuss various hot topics in education. For example, just last night I participated in the weekly Educational Service Center chat for Region XI #Gueri11aEd. A local 4th grade teacher posed questions about authentic learning and several teachers, instructional specialists, administrators from all over the state of Texas as well as a few other states tweeted out their answers. Go ahead and do a Twitter search for #Gueri11aEd to see some of the conversation. 
Thinking of lurking or want to participate in a Twitter Chat, watch this tutorial.

Still want to know more about Twitter Chats, check out Cybrary Man's Twitter Chat list of resources

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